“Prayer is a vital part in every Christian's life. As every human being needs air to live, Christian needs prayer to survive.”
It is said that prayer is the backbone of the Church and of any ministry. This we firmly believe. Prayer is a critical component in every believer’s relationship with Jesus Christ. Having said this, why then do we take prayer for granted? So often we make it as our last resort. We only go to God when we have come to our senses that we are helpless and we cannot save ourselves in the pit we are in.
Without prayer all activities of the church become meaningless and futile. This is specifically why we have the Prayer Ministry in place. We are to actively encourage and promote prayer within Christian Covenant Fellowship Singapore. We know that God will use it as one of His main avenues to provide breakthrough, healing, deliverance and hope to His people. We believe in the significance and power of prayer and in our Father who answers them.
Come and join us every Sunday morning as we intimately spend time with the Lord in prayer.  9:30am @ Cathay Cineplexes 5th Floor.
In Christ Alone,
Jeffrey & Gemma Marquez

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