What is a Dgroup?
A Dgroup (Discipleship Group), is a staple in most churches nowadays. As the congregation grows in number, it is impossible for a pastor to cater to the spiritual needs of every member. The only regular interaction would be the weekly Sunday service. And while a Sunday message might be enough for some, most of us need more than just a weekly dose of God’s word to get us by through the week. We need a venue for deeper study of the Bible and for us to share our needs with, and be ministered to, by others.

More about Dgroups
Dgroups are designed to strengthen and develop relationships among church members while studying God’s word at the same time. Through weekly meetings in a small group, each member is encouraged in his or her walk in faith as they see others struggle with similar challenges and receive help from the group. Through sharing, each person is comforted by the thought that there are people looking after them who are concerned about their needs and will pray for them.

With the help and prayers of our brothers and sisters, we don’t need to go through the ups and downs of life alone because God did not create us to be alone. We all need people to help us, be it at work, school, community or at home. Join a DGroup now and see how much easier it is to grow in faith with your brothers and sisters as you share your struggles, your thoughts, and your life with them. We've listed a few of our small groups below and their details.

Join A Dgroup Today
If you are interested to join a DGroup or have any inquiries, you may send us an email at info.ccfsingapore@gmail.com or  contact us at +65-8317-0825. God bless!

AreaDgroup NameDayTimeDgroup Leader/s 
EastSimei Mixed Fridays 8pmJulius/Peachy
EastTampines Mixed Thursdays8pmJoy/Faye
EastTampines Mixed Thursdays8pmMarc/Ethel
EastTampines Men Mixed Thursdays 8pmKris
EastTampines Single Ladies Thursdays 8pmAnna/Jade
EastChangi Mixed LadiesFlexiFlexiMichelle/Jhoe
NortheastBuangkok Mixed Fridays 8pmAwe/Nette
NortheastSengkang Mixed Fridays8pmMarco/Alf
NortheastPunggol Family Saturdays 2pmLyle/Lawrence
NortheastSengkang Single Ladies Thursdays 8pmAngie
CBD2in1 Mixed MenFridays 7 pmJohn/Cecile
CBDBalestier Young Couples / Couples To BeThursdays8pmSky/Kat
CBDCathay Single Ladies Fridays 8pmAnnecyd
CBDCBD Single Ladies Wednesdays 8pmAngela
CBDDhoby Ghaut Mixed Thursdays8pmAlfred
CBDDhoby Ghaut Mixed Sundays 1:30pmMariz/Mike/Romel
CBDDhoby Ghaut Men Sundays 2pmDaniel/Ney
CBDDhoby Ghaut Married Ladies Sundays 2pmLeree
CBDDhoby Ghaut Single Ladies Sundays 2pmSang
CBDElevate Youth GatheringSundays 2pm/8pmMarvin/Roana
CBDFunan 1 Single Men Fridays 8pmJonathan/Kris
CBDFunan 2 Single Men Fridays 8pmCarlo
CBDMacPherson Single Ladies Fridays8pmGrezy
CBDOrchard Mixed Fridays 7:45pmFred/Ashley
CBDOrchard Mixed Fridays 8pmMuy/Jenn
CBDSMU Single Ladies 1 & 2 Sundays 2pmBeng/Issa
CBDSomerset Single Ladies Tuesdays 8pmJaja
CBDSuntec LadiesSundays 2pmNette
CBDSuntec LadiesSundays 1pmIngrid
North-SouthSembawang Mixed Thursdays 8pmPopit/Joy
North-SouthSembawang Mixed Fridays 8pmOliver/Bambi
North-SouthYio Chu Kang MixedSaturdays 6pmConrad/Jacquee
North-SouthToaPayoh Mixed Young Adults Fridays8PMKidit/Yvette
North-SouthYishun MixedFridays8PMArnel/Janet
WestClementi Mixed Fridays 7:30pmAngelo/Pam
WestJEM Mixed Ladies Thursdays 7:30pmBea/Cecille

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